• Aaron Fairooz

"Shadow Girl"

"Her whispers, her only friend, next to the eco of setting sun rays crawling through the french doors.

From her eyes shed no tears, a silenced heart stands a moment from stopping.

A faint glance behind, an exhale of relief, another night to come, with only her shadow."

Every now and again I like to write poetry to go with my photos. If the photo speaks to me and if we capture something artistic, words start jumping out of the images. Dramatic lighting through a cut out v-card to resemble french door shadows, no fill for strong shadows and a little soft light to blend the two.

It's amazing the detail and contrast you can achieve while combining hard light with just the right amount of soft light as directional fill. Let the natural bounce of the hard light be your fill and your shots will look so organically lit.


Dallas // LA // NY


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